Desjardins Stick Curling Tournament ends in 4-Way Tie!

The Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network Stick Curling Tournament, hosted by Charlie and Etta Reid, was held here at the Cornwall Curling Club today, with a full draw of sixteen teams – half from Cornwall and half from other clubs, taking part. When the delivery sticks were put away and the results were tabulated, there was a four-way tie for first, with four Cornwall duos –  Barry and Myrna Craswell, John Dunsford and Myrna Sanderson, Ruth Stavert and Gloria Clarke, and Etta Reid and Elaine Hughes emerging as winners.

Organizer Etta Reid makes a donation to Club President Bryan Sutherland in appreciation of the Club hosting this annual event

Myrna Craswell with a long-time organizer of this event, Ernie Stavert, Ernie was a member of the charter Board of Directors of the Cornwall Curling Club, and is reputed to be PEI’s first stick curler, and a tireless organizer and evangelist for this rapidly-expanding two-person version of curling.

Thanks to Charlie and Etta, to the event organizers, Club management and staff, and to the participants of this event!

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