Cornwall’s Schut and defending champion van Ouwerkerk rinks in this morning’s Ch’ship Round at Island Petroleum Cashspiel in S’side

There are no live results from this event, but we know that Cornwall’s Mitchell Schut rink won their 4 pm game on Saturday, and will be taking on the Eddie MacKenzie rink in the 10 am “B” final of the annual Island Petroleum Cashspiel, open to Men’s, Women’s, Junior and Mixed teams at the Silver Fox Entertainment Complex in Summerside, with 16 teams taking part. The defending champion Steve van Ouwerkerk team, also from our Tuesday evening competitive league, had beaten the Schut squad earlier on Saturday, and were playing an “A” game at 4 pm Sat. If they won that game, they would be in the “A” final this morning. If they lost, they would be in the “A” bronze medal game, also at 10. We have updated the above draw tree with the info we have.

Here are the teams in the event:

Steven vanOuwerkerk, Sam Ramsay, Nick vanOuwerkerk, Pat Ramsay
Blair Jay, Chuck Jay, Corey Miller, Gerald Caissy
Mitchell Schut, Chase MacMillan, Cruz Pineau, Liam Kelly
Andy Morris, Dennis Beardsley, Corey Burbine, Darren MacIver
Kim Aylward, Shelley MacFadyen, Debbie Caissy, Donna Whelan
Tyler Smith, Ryan Abraham, Jake Flemming, Ryan Lowery
Lou Nowlan, Dave MacFadyen, Earle Proude, Alan Montgomery
Phil Gorveatt, Kevin Champion, Sean Ledgerwood
Amanda Power, Ashley Francis, Breanne Burgoyne, Aleya Quilty
Ralph Yeo, Kent MacKay, Linus Bungay, Ron MacIntyre
Jamie Newson, Dennis Watts, Andrew MacDougall, Erik Brodersen, Doug MacGregor
Nick Blanchard, Stephanie Schnare, Jamie Stride, Terri Wood
Eddie MacKenzie, Tyler Harris, Tyler MacKenzie, Matt Nabuurs
Brayden Snow, Jack MacFadyen, Liam Barbrick, Davis Nicholson
Alan Inman, Philip MacInnis, Calvin Smith, Frank MacDonald
Terry Arsenault, Rod MacDonald, Mike Spencer, Jonathan Greenan


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