Sunday afternoon curling cancelled, evening curling decision by 4:30

Given today’s’ weather conditions and the related snow warning with windy conditions predicted to get worse, we have decided to cancel curling for this afternoon. This includes our 12-noon user group, 1 pm Little Rockers, 3 pm Novice, and our members’ practice time.
We will announce a decision about the evening Mixed Doubles Curling league and the scheduled evening rental by 4:30 pm.

A note to all executive members:
as indicated by the Club President, today’s scheduled Board of Directors meeting is cancelled and will be rescheduled.

Determining whether curling will proceed in weather conditions with  “warnings“ is difficult decision making. We do want to proceed with curling whenever possible, but also be aware of the safety of our curlers. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to make their best decisions to travel or not, but in some cases cancelling and/rescheduling becomes a diligent option.

 The decision to cancel scheduled curling is determined by the Club Manager.
The process looks like the following:
1. Evaluate weather reports, with special consideration given to “warnings”.
1. Consult with Ice Technician.
2. Consult with the user group or the program facilitators.
3. Consult with President.
5. Evaluate the decisions some other similar businesses have made.
4. After all consultation, the Club Manager will make the decision.

Other factors that weigh in: Is it an event scheduled where out of province participants are attending and it would be difficult to reschedule?  Can we support those athletes to attend safely? Or is the schedule general practice or league that can be rescheduled if need be?

We also must consider the safety of our employees who need to attend to clean, tend bar/concession/collect fees, and most- importantly (In order to curl)  to attend to ice maintenance.

We will always make every effort to re-schedule any cancelled curling times. The renter, program facilitators, or draw master of each league should contact the Club Manager to make these arrangements. Many league scheduled games can be arranged during our Sunday Member’s Practice time.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to the Club Manager at any time.
 Thank you and be safe!

Lori Fitzpatrick, Club Manager

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