Photo Album with assorted pictures from 1989 to 2000

Now that we know that curling is over for the season, let’s continue our look back on “days of yore” here at the Club, moving the timeline ahead a bit to start in 1989, a year when we rented the ice out in the summer for a figure skating camp. In the mix is a junior closing, some club spiels, some provincial championship curling, including the famous sign from 2000 when we hosted the “Tankard Final Eights” Provincial Men’s Championship, becoming the first PEI curling ch’ship to charge admission, and also the first one to have a website and live scoring (website is still around at with the Andrew Robinson rink winning the event).

We have three more albums from the first couple of years at the Club and will be posting them in the next day or two (there is still another unopened box at the Club, too).

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