More Photos from 1982-83 season

It’s back to the Lopi sweater days of the 1982-1983 season for this album!

Included are a few Bonspiels — the Cornwall Shell Opening Bonspiel, the Gulf Vending Mixed and the Schwartz Mixed (with a man in a sharp Schwartz Spices red blazer!) and a $5 per couple Christmas party where Dino Dunsford was singing, introduced by a guy in a turtleneck (see if you recognize him – he’s still around the Club!)

Astute viewers of the ice house photos will note that we used to have five rows of lights. Apparently they were causing glare problems, so they were replaced with the three rows that we have now,

Up next, we’ll be going back to the early days of the Club – the 1981-82 season (although we didn’t actually throw any rocks until January 1982).

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