Sore back? Your new home office may be to blame. Cornwall Club member Carrie Jones and UPEI’s Active Living Lab can help! (CBC)

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, kitchens and living rooms across P.E.I. have been transformed into makeshift home offices. 

To help Islanders working from home, UPEI’s Active Living Lab is offering free appointments to receive online ergonomic assessments. Islanders can schedule an appointment with the lab online for a virtual assessment, said Carrie Jones, a kinesiologist with the lab.

Carrie Jones

“You want to keep your shoulders relaxed,” she said. “Being uncomfortable is a sign that something’s not right.” 

“You need your screen up at eye-height so you can keep your neck nice and straight and so that you’re looking straight ahead and you need your keyboard down where your elbows are.” 

Jones said people will be asked to send a few pictures of their current home office setup before their assessment, to give the person conducting it a sense of the situation.

The Workers Compensation Board is helping fund the project with the aim of helping reduce injuries and help people return from work who have been injured.

Jones said people can go to the lab’s website if they’re interested in arranging an assessment

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