Wrapping up our photo galleries with early Boards of Directors and our first provincial champs!

We’ve finished scanning our photo albums from our early days, and are finishing up with pictures of our early Boards of Directors, along with some more photos from our first provincial championship team. Back in 1983 the club won its first of many provincial junior championships. Nancy Coffin, Sharon Cole, Pam Sherren, and Heather Worth, with coach Roy Coffin represented the Island in Calgary. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these photo trips back to our past! You can find out more about our Club’s history, as well as who was on those early Boards of Directors, on our website under the Info menu item, under History.

Click on a picture to enlarge, and use arrows or swipe to go ahead/back.


Post last modified: Apr 16, 2020 @ 7:40 pm

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