Annual General Meeting Date, and a Letter from Our President

A letter from our President, Bryan Sutherland:

Hello All…
I hope that this note finds you doing well, and finding ways to remain optimistic and active during these unusual times…

As a point of interest to all members, prospective members, and to our community and neighbours, we (the Board of Directors) want to let you know that planning for our 2020-21 season has begun!

The Board of Directors met last evening to discuss a “Return to Play” plan for the Cornwall Curling Club. A committee was formed to consider all aspects of the plan. It was noted that, first and foremost, the health and safety of curlers will always be our priority.

We have been consulting with Curling Canada and Curl PEI in planning for our season. We have received and reviewed the “Return to Play Guidelines” from Curling Canada, and are currently awaiting the “Return To Play” policies for all clubs specific to Prince Edward Island from Curl PEI.

With these tools we will formulate an ‘on and off ice policy and procedure’ document specific to our club,  and will plan for an exciting season!

Some notes of interest:

1. We have planned/scheduled our ‘Annual General Meeting’ for Thursday, September 10th at 7pm.
Please mark your calendars!

There will be some health and safety guidelines involved in ‘in-person’ participation of this meeting.  We are also hoping to work on a venue to provide remote access to the event.

We will be releasing a planned agenda previous to the meeting.
Please stay tuned for all the details!

2. As mentioned, Curl PEI and the Government of PEI are currently working through guidelines for the ‘Return to Play’ document. Once finalized, and we have received a copy, we will make those details available to you. We will then begin to formulate a plan specifically for our club around these guidelines (as set out by Curl PEI and the Government of PEI).

We hope to have a draft copy of our club plan complete by our AGM , and then release the final copy thereafter.

3. Throughout the process of planning we will be reaching out to various stakeholders
( ie. league drawmasters, the Town of Cornwall, health and safety governing bodies, local community members, etc..) to invite them to consult with us during this process.

4. At a later date we will put forward a small survey to our membership. However, if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns at this time, please email us at:
We will attempt to answer questions and/or take your concerns into our planning sessions. We know you have many questions about what the season will look like. Please bare with us we sort out the exciting plans!

In closing, there will be many people working behind the scenes to create a wonderful season of curling! My heartfelt gratitude is extended to all Board Members, drawmasters, our ice technician and employees, and all stakeholders that will support this return!

We would like to express a special thank you to Curling Canada and to Amy Duncan at Curl PEI for all of their diligent and challenging work during this ‘off season’.

A special thank you is extended to Derek MacEwen, our Webmaster and Social Media lead , who will be an integral part (as always) in getting important messaging and news to you!

Finally, a thank-you to you~ our members!
Being a part of a “Club” means we work together in good times and challenging ones to provide a wonderful sport and social opportunities to community members. It also means that we are always looking out for each other!
It has been a privilege to witness the kinship and support the membership has given to each other…and to our club!

With that said, I encourage you to put your name forward to be a member of our Board of Directors for the 2020-21 season. The time spent serving is rewarding, and as one of our wise members always reminds us:  “many hands make light work!”

Bryan Sutherland
Cornwall Curling Club

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