Physically-distanced curling traffic flow video and illustration, from Curling Canada

From Curling Canada, here are a video and illustrations showing proposed curling traffic flow under the new physical distancing guidelines for COVID-19.

Rocks for both teams would be positioned along one side of the sheet, and there would be position markings on the ice on the same side to help show players where to stand. Players are to remain on that side of the sheet when not the delivering team, and must be careful of distancing from players on adjoining sheets. 

There would be only one sweeper per rock, and only one skip in the house, who is not allowed to sweep the rock. The player who is not throwing, sweeping, or in the house can follow along behind the thrower. 

Players should only touch the rocks they throw. Rock handles are to be cleaned after draws.


Illustration (altered to show both sets of rocks on same side as per current guideline):

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