Registration quick updates: Lockers not available, new installment payment option, planned Junior Doubles league

Here are a few updates to our registration this year. As we announced previously, online registration for returning members opens Monday at 9 am at (with instructions) or (direct). You can also schedule an appointment to register in person with the Club Manager by emailing a requested time to: or calling 902-566-4427.

Note that membership fees are the same as last year.

1-As was mentioned in our Annual General Meeting recap, lockers will not be available this year, at least initially, due to COVID-19 concerns. Players will arrive dressed to curl, and would put on their curling shoes when they arrive. Because of this, the locker purchase option will not be available on the registration system.

2-For those who pay their membership in two installments, our normal payment options are October and December. This year we are allowing an October and January option.

3-Due to growing interest in Doubles curling, we are considering a “Doubles Junior Curling League” which, like our Pepsi Saturday morning “regular” junior development league, would work around Junior Curling event schedules. Registration for this league is planned to be announced in advance of our “General Registration” for Juniors and new Club members, on Monday October 5th. We will welcome junior members as well as Juniors from other curling facilities to be a part of this league, as well as the Saturday morning league. If you would be interested in a Junior Doubles league, let our Club Manager know by email at

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