1st curling week this season to be for Orientation to new regulations, and practice time under the new rules

With the new Return to Play guidelines for COVID-19, we will be using the first week (Oct. 18-24) for orientation and practice, rather than playing a regular league game. 

During the orientation we will be reviewing the Return to Play Guidelines, covering both on and off the ice items to ensure that everyone is aware of and will be in compliance with the guidelines and provincial health requirements so that our curlers and staff are kept safe, while still maintaining a friendly clubhouse atmosphere and culture (bar service after the game, etc.).

After the orientation, you will be able to take to the ice with your team to try out the new curling rules, such as one sweeper only per rock, skip not sweeping rocks in the house, spots on the ice for players to stand, first end hammer determination, scorekeeping, draw sheet marking, etc. This will also give you time to practice before hitting the ice the following week (Oct. 25-31) for your first regular league game under the new rules and guidelines.

Post last modified: Sep 29, 2020 @ 2:31 pm

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