More teams needed for our exciting Sunday Evening Doubles League!

Doubles Curling is the 2-person Olympic sport that’s sweeping the curling world, and our league on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8 needs more teams!

It’s a team league, but if you sign up individually, we will try to find you a teammate. Our league is open to Mixed and all-Male and all-Female teams, too. You play eight-end games. Stick curlers are permitted in our league (and there are many similarities with the 2-person stick curling game).

If you haven’t seen a Doubles game before, here’s the highlight reel from Canada’s Mixed Doubles Gold Medal performance at the 2018 Winter Olympics:

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If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of the game, here’s a basic instructional overview:

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Basic rules (from

Mixed Doubles is played by two players. One male and one female on each team (Cornwall’s league also allows all-male and all-female teams). Both teams play five stones each and start every end with one stone that has been pre-placed, so the maximum amount of points in each end is six.

In most ends, the pre-placed stones, will be positioned so that the team with last stone advantage (hammer) will start the end with one stone at the back of the four foot circle. The team without the last stone advantage, will start with a centre guard.

Both teams have the right to use a ’Power Play’ once in every game, in an end where they have last stone advantage.

When a ’Power Play’ is being used, the pre-placed stones will be moved out to one of the sides, and placed as a corner guard and a stone behind it, with the back of the stone against the tee line.


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