Icemaking Underway!

Well, it’s been an exciting day here at the Cornwall Curling Club at the Civic Centre in the Town of Cornwall! The ice is going in!
Our rock star Ice Technician, Brent, rallied the troops and our community partners…and we got rolling!
It started with a visit from our friends at Lowther Refrigeration! The team from Lowthers (while little camera shy…) made sure our plant got started up and is running to start the year!
Ice Plant
The team at Lowthers have such reliable expertise and their service top shelf!
See ya Thursday Nights KR !

We then welcomed the North River Fire Department to help us with our first soak!! That shiny red truck arrived at 29 Cornwall Rd. and we had our water to start the process ! Thanks Jonathan! 
Then it was time for our talented Ice Technician and our dedicated team of volunteers to get started!
Long time members, and Past Presidents, Roy Coffin and Bryan Sutherland got to work and lead the way! They were joined by our new Club President Chris MacDougall and new Club Vice President Peter Murdoch.
Roy Coffin
Thanks gentleman …Looking forward to some great ice !!

Previous and current icemakers Lance Lowther and Brent Irving

We were very happy to see longtime Cornwall Curling Club Ice Maker Lance Lowther, today too!

Lance made our ice at the Cornwall Curling Club from 1981/1982 season to 2017/2018 season. He knows a thing or two about ice making! Lance gave us the thumbs up…
So we are rolling now folks!! Stay tuned!
(Report from Lori on Facebook)
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