Explanation of Curl PEI and Curling Canada fees

When you join any PEI curling facility, you will notice two items on your bill — a Curl PEI fee of $15 and a Curling Canada fee of $2.

The Curling Canada fee includes support to the national sporting organization/governing body for curling, access to national championships for winning teams from affiliated provincial championships, as well as the use of the Curling IO championship scoring website used for both Curling Canada and Curl PEI events. Curling Canada state that, among national sporting organizations they currently have the lowest national membership fees in Canada.

The Curl PEI fee goes toward a number of things, including Accident Insurance for curling participants, discounts from Sport PEI’s value-added programs, including D.P. Murphy hotels, ADL, Papa John’s and AVIS, coaching workshops, ice technician training, as well as use of and participation in Curl PEI’s website and social media.

More detailed info is here:

Here is more info on the insurance package:


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