An intro to our weekday daytime curling and junior practice options

We are looking forward to the 2020-21 season!! What program or league is the best fit for YOU?

We still have room in all of our curling programs and leagues and WELCOME both new and experienced curlers!

Have a look at our weekday Daytime Curling and Junior Practice options:


Our popular and fun Daytime Drop-in Curling League takes place Monday through Friday from 10 am to noon. Depending on takeup in our Wednesday afternoon competitive league, there could be limited availability on Wednesday mornings.

Daytime Drop-in is a special “no commitment league” where teams are made up daily from the players in attendance. Curlers with all levels of skill and all ages are welcome (as long as they are available in the daytime). You must have a Daytime Curling Profile/Product or Purchase Drop-In tickets or pay a Drop In fee.

This draw works like this: Club members who are regularly in the draw have discs that they will drop in a cup labeled with the position that they want to play. Non-Member Drop-in players for this draw are required to obtain a drop-in coupon/chit for this purpose from the office by paying the drop-in fee. It will have their name on it and will be turned in by the drawmaster to the office after it is used.

You can purchase an Unlimited Daytime’  membership for $320.00 or a “Two Daytime Session Per Week” membership for $240.00.

We also welcome “Drop-In” curlers who pay a drop-in fee, either as non-Club members or as members from other draws who want to “Drop In” for a game in this league.


We also have spaces to welcome new or returning members into our growing afternoon  STICK CURLING DROP-IN LEAGUE that runs from 12:30 to 2:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and, subject to our weekend events, Friday

Any combo of 2 male and/or female curlers are on a per team. If you don’t have a team, we’ll make one. Two Person Stick Curling is a relatively new sport which provides challenge and excitement for people of all ages on an equal and competitive basis and in a social atmosphere. Stick Curling is also appropriate for people with physical challenges such as knee, back, heart, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, ankle, or foot problems. The rocks are delivered with a special “delivery stick” from a standing or sitting position (i.e. wheelchairs) enabling everyone to participate. Note that the Club is fully wheelchair accessible right down to the ice level, and, although we currently do not have any regular members who play from wheelchairs, they are welcome in this league. We have had wheelchair participants in the Canadian Stick Championships.

You can purchase an Unlimited Daytime’  membership for $320.00 or a “Two Daytime Session Per Week” membership for $240.00.

We also welcome “Drop-In” curlers who pay a drop-in fee, either as non-Club members or a members from other draws who want to “Drop In” for a game in this league.


Our ‘Daytime Competitive League’ draws take place on Wednesdays from 12:30-2:30 pm, and if there are more teams than fit in that timeslot, from 10:00 am until 12 noon on the same day.
You must hold a Daytime Membership Profile/Product option to curl in this league, or purchase Drop-In tickets.
Wednesday Daytime Team League is a team entry league for curlers who wish to curl during daytime hours. If you are new and/or unable to find a team, we will attempt to find a team for you.
The league start date is always to be determined, to give prospective teams some idea of who is curling in the daytime and which members may be available to form teams.
The teams play a full round-robin against the other teams, with prizes awarded to the winners.


Junior Team Practice time is a part of our Junior Development Program. These are typically competitive teams, ages 13 -20 who use this time for practicing skill development and for coaching time. Teams will be assigned two days per week for their practice sessions. Each session is one hour each. Currently those days are Monday to Thursday (with exception of 5pm to 6pm on Tuesdays), and ice times can be from 4 pm to 5 pm, OR 5 pm to 6 pm. (All junior curlers scheduled for 5 pm start time must be off the ice by 6pm).

Note: Returning teams will be offered their previous year’s practice time as a priority, and then *any open/available spots as next priority. (For more details/information on this policy, please see the Club Manager). New teams will then be assigned available practice times. The Junior Program Coordinator will venture to work with the teams to accommodate schedules as much as possible, working with the Club Manager and Club schedule.

During the 2020-21 season we will be practicing social distancing and all health and safety protocol will be enacted as per our Club Operational Manual(s). For more information on this , please inquire with the League Draw Master or Club Manager.

A season schedule (what days and times) will be provided to families advising specific days and times of curling sessions at the start of the season. Every attempt will be made to meet those weekly days and times. However, please note that when you purchase this product you are not solely purchasing “ice time”. It is a membership. The Cornwall Curling Club reserves the right to re-schedule (when possible) and/or cancel sessions due to weather and/or club events, without compensation. Every effort possible will always be made to re-schedule any cancelled times due to club events. We will always give as much notice as possible.

Our ice will be scraped and pebbled after our afternoon curling user group (before 4pm start time for Junior Practice) for the start of the 4 pm-6 pm Junior Practice sessions (it will not be scraped or pebbled between the 4 pm and 5 pm sessions).

Junior curlers who are 13+ by June 30th of this year and eligible to curl in the evening leagues are also welcome to purchase a “Junior Practice Plus One Evening Draw Per Week” membership, where they can receive the Junior Practice membership plus join one of our popular evening leagues.


Stay tuned for info on our evening curling league options, our Little Rock and Novice instructional programs, our U16 Developmental League, and our weekend funspiels and other events!


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