An intro to our evening leagues!

We are looking forward to the 2020-21 season!! What program or league is the best fit for YOU?

We still have room in most of our curling programs and leagues and WELCOME both new and experienced curlers!

Have a look at our evening curling leagues, with Doubles, a Commercial League (currently full), Single-Entry Mixed, and Team Entry league options.

Note that all our leagues allow any combination of male and/or female curlers on a team. Although you can enter an all-male or all-female team in our team-entry leagues, we do not have specific leagues for just male or just female teams. 

Sunday Evening Doubles

The Doubles league goes Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm and, if sufficient teams, from 8:30 to 10 pm, is for 2 person Doubles teams, and follows Mixed Doubles curling rules, although all male or all female teams are permitted too. Stick curlers are also welcome. Round robin format with prizes for the round-robin, plus a championship round with prizes.

Monday and Thursday Evening Single-Entry Mixed Leagues

These are “single-entry mixed” leagues, and open to all Club members. You sign up for the entire season, and the Draw Master will place you on a different team for each of three rounds. The Draw Master will try to balance the teams based on player’s positions and abilities as much as possible. New curlers are especially welcome in these leagues, but we also welcome experienced curlers looking for a fun curling experience.

The Monday league goes at 6:30 pm ONLY. Due to the popularity of this league there may be “byes” where you don’t curl one night during each round (this will depend on the number of curlers signed up).

The Thursday evening league uses two draw times. Curling times will alternate between 6:30 and 8:30 pm throughout the season — some weeks your team will play at 6:30 and some weeks at 8:30. 

On both nights there will be three round-robin draws played throughout the season (there may be a possibility of a “bye” where you have a week off,  if there is an uneven number of teams or an extra team). You will be placed on a different team each round-robin. This provides a great opportunity to get to know other members and have some fun! At the end of each round prizes are provided and are presented to the winning team.

Monday Evening Commercial League (Note: Currently Full)

Our Commercial League is a great way to get together with your co-workers (outside of work) or friends on a weekly basis. It runs Monday nights from 8:30-10:30 with a fixed price for the team for the season. The curlers can change from week to week if you want, so you can rotate many curlers and handle work travel and vacations, too! Contact your employer to put in a team, or have your co-workers or friends all chip in!

This is a fun league for all ages and any combination of male and/or female curlers. The bar will, of course, be open!

Our Tuesday Evening Team Entry Competitive League has two curling times: 6:30 and at 8:30.
(Your team will curl a mixture of both time slots, the Draw Master will endeavor to balance the draw so all teams play an equal amount of early and late times throughout the season).
This is our most competitive league, generally for our more experienced teams/curlers (many of which enter provincial competitions). This is a team entry league; however, if you are looking for a competitive team please contact the Club and we will pass your name on to the Draw Master, who may be able to refer you to a team. Returning teams have priority. Junior teams age 13 and over are welcome on a space-available basis. Teams play two round-robins. A playoff round will take place at the end of the season, with prizes awarded.
Wednesday Evening Ladder League (semi-competitive)

The Wednesday evening Ladder League is a semi-competitive team entry league. Teams stay the same all season. Teams retaining at least 3 players from the previous season have priority to enter again the next season, while other teams are on a space-available basis. Junior teams with all players age 13 and over, are welcome in this league.

Teams are divided into an A and a B pool at the start of the season based on whether they win or lose against another team chosen at random on the first night, “Qualifier Night”. At the end of each of the three rounds round-robin, the bottom three teams in the A pool and the top 3 teams in the B pool switch places, to add some variety for the middle-tier teams while also making the pools more competitive as the top and bottom teams will not play each other.

The A and B pools will curl at separate times, alternating between the 6:30 and 8:30 draw times each week. If there is an odd number of teams in each pool there will be a “crossover” game each round, where a team in the A pool plays the team in the same position in the B. That game will always go at 6:30 pm. At least three players, one of whom is on the listed team (not a spare) is required to avoid a game default.  The winners of each pool in each round will receive prizes.

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