Ice on track for opening day! Some on-ice safety tips!

We are getting CLOSER!! ???
Our hard-working Ice Technician and his volunteer crew (some of whom are camera shy) have been burning the midnight oil and doing some very hard work to get our ice ready for OPENING DAY!
Thank you all! ? We are indeed…
Better Together!
This process is super fascinating and if you are looking to join our volunteer group, we would love to have you! ?
Send us a message right here via messenger, or contact Brent or our Club Manager at or 902-566-4427.

This is also a good time to share some ice rink safety from our friends at

Haliburton Curling Club

….of which we agree wholeheartedly!

“Curling is a winter sport, played on ice.
Ice is slippery, hard, cold, and wet.
At (our) curling club, we strive to take the proper measures to ensure the safety of all our members.
Every curler who steps foot on our ice should have a pair of grippers over their curling shoes to protect them from slipping on the ice. These grippers should not have any smooth surfaces on them or bits of rubber falling off. Always check the condition of your grippers and, if needed, purchase a new pair from our supply (at the ProShop).
Be sure that your slider and gripper or shoes are clean and dry before stepping on the ice.
(We should note that, as mentioned, ice is slippery! Curling Canada and PEI Curling News recommends the use of protective CSA approved helmets, especially for those at risk. Ie.Seniros, those who have medical conditions that could affect balance, those who have suffered brain injury, etc…
Helmets are mandatory at our club for children twelve years old and under.)
The following are some other measures that each participant should practice for good ice safety:
*Warm up before the game – stretching and warming muscles before going out on the ice can help prevent injury
*Step onto the ice gripper-foot first – never use your slider foot to step onto the ice
always be careful when stepping off the ice – always use your slider foot first
the rule of thumb for your slider foot is:
LAST ON, FIRST OFF .Step off the platform onto a clear piece of ice.
*Avoid stepping over a rock
avoid lifting a rock – you might lose your balance. Never stop a rock with your hand – your fingers can be crushed, especially if the rock hits another rock while you’re trying to stop it.
*Never use your foot to stop a fast moving rock – you could lose your balance and fall. *Use your broom to stop a rock
watch for stray rocks keep your feet on the ice – avoid running or hopping. Walk or slide.
*If you can’t keep up with a fast moving rock while sweeping, just let it go. It’s not worth the risk of falling.
*If you feel unwell and your balance is impaired, never go on the ice surface
Let’s face it: curling ice is slippery and the possibility of falling is real, so protecting ourselves from injury is very important.
Be aware! Go out and enjoy the sport, have a great game and stay safe!”
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