Bryan may be Six Feet Away, but he’s always helpful!

We are ready to safely gather (6 feet away!) and see our good curling friends again!! ?

Speaking of seeing wonderful friends…We were really excited to see Cornwall Curling Club Executive Member and Past-President Bryan Sutherland today at 29 Cornwall Rd.!

Bryan is a long-time member, and a big volunteer presence and role model at our club! ….
Just in his visit today Bryan brought with him: coffee, cookies, cups, and more for our daytime curlers! He consulted and planned morning drop-in, planned rental bookings with our management team, helped design and lay our floor safety markers and more…! 

Bryan might have joked that this sign was made for him to keep us away… but we are sure glad he is kidding…?
Ummmm Right Bryan?! ?

Thanks for your help Sir!
Always appreciated!! ?

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