Contactless payments are the best payments!

One of the ways the COVID-19 virus can spread is by surface transmission, and we want to do our best to reduce any risk. A recent study found that the novel coronavirus can remain infectious on some surfaces — including banknotes — for at least 28 days!

Because of this, we are asking our members to pay for their purchases with debit or credit cards (we accept Visa and Mastercard-affiliated credit cards, but not Amex) as much as possible, and also to use the contactless “Tap and Pay” option if it’s set up on your card. We recognize that there may be occasions where you have to pay in cash, and we will continue to accept it, but it could take a little longer as employees will have to wash their hands, put on gloves, etc. 


We are pleased to announce that we have a new wireless terminal, which includes the Tap and Pay feature for contactless payments. With most cards, the Tap and Pay limit for a transaction is $250 for credit, and $100 for debit. Larger amounts require you to insert your card in the slot (or swipe the strip) and enter your PIN  We will be sanitizing the terminal after all payments that use the buttons.

Our hard-working bar staff will be working harder than ever with extra cleaning and disinfection. If you want to thank them, there’s a tip option on the terminal!

Post last modified: Oct 17, 2020 @ 8:36 pm

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