Daytime Competitive League signup: please fill in your rosters by Friday

The sign-up sheet will be up Wednesday morning by the Bulletin Board at the Club for team entries for the Wednesday Daytime Competitive League. Please fill in your rosters by Friday, October 23rd. There will be a space at the bottom for single entries who may not be members of a team, but would like to be.

The league’s “Orientation to Play” day will be Wednesday, October 28th, with sessions at both 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. Check online to see which session your team should attend.  (That information will be posted online by Monday, the 26th.)
The regular season draw will begin on Wednesday, November 4th.
Draw times will be at 12:30 pm, with 10:00 am games as well, depending on the number of teams.

Joanne and Paul Durant – Daytime Competitive League Drawmasters

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