Wednesday evening Ladder League Qualifier Night Random Draw

We are pleased to report that our Wednesday evening Ladder League Orientation Night went well, with a great turnout, and curlers learning the new guidelines and getting in a practice game!
We are also delighted to report that we now have an even fourteen teams (the same number as last year) signed up, with the rink of Aleya Quilty, Tyler MacKenzie, Eddy Bushev and Alyssa Holiday joining. 

Up next is our annual Qualifier Night where we select teams at random to play each other, with the winners going in the “A” pool and the non-winners going to the “B” for the first of three seven-week rounds. After Qualifier Night we will use the same draw format and sheet allocation as last season, which means that the two pools of seven teams will alternate between 6:30 and 8:30 draw times, with one team from each pool playing each other in a crossover game, which will always be at 6:30 pm.

Here are the results of the random draw:
We will leave an inside sheet (#2, as we did #3 last week) empty (unless someone books it) for the late draw on Qualifier Night to help as people get used to the new physical distancing guidelines and the removal of separator boards.

Here is the Qualifier Night Draw for October 28.

6:30 pm

Ice 1: Robertson vs Groves
Ice 2: Jack vs Quilty
Ice 3: MacDougall vs Callaghan
Ice 4: Younker vs Joostema

8:30 pm

Ice 1: Gallant vs Neima
Ice 3: Watts vs McInnis
Ice 4: MacDonald vs Kamphuis

We would like to remind all teams to enter the ice house via sheet 4, and exit via sheet 1.
We request that teams mark whether they won or lost their Qualifier Night game on the draw sheet that will be on the green table. Score is not required to be marked for Qualifier Night.



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