New mats and your help will keep our floors dry from fall and winter weather!

So guess what folks… We are getting ready for winter weather!!!

Our camera shy, but so helpful, Past President, Bryan Sutherland, visited our local Kent Building Supplies and spoke with Devin! Bryan was able to purchase some fantastic new carpet runners to keep our floors dry from our fall and winter weather!

We ask all curlers to do the following:
1. Clean outdoor footwear BEFORE entering our clubhouse (by wiping them on the mats upon entry and using our shoe cleaner located before our entrance doors: place foot in cleaner, press down).
2. Proceed to the designated area, remove outdoor footwear. Please be aware of any debris that may fall off, and pick it up and put in the garbage can. Likewise, be aware of any water left behind and clean up. (The bartender/club attendant will have paper towels).
3. Place your outdoor footwear on the NEW mats! Put on indoor/ curling shoes.
4. Sanitize your hands, and then clean your indoor/curling shoes on the shoe cleaner leading to the ice (before entering the ice).
Thank you so much for your cooperation this season as we Curl safely!!!
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