Good news for skips who like to sweep, as Curl PEI updates operational plan for COVID-19

Curl PEI has updated its operational Plan for COVID-19 which (among other things) now permits either the “active sweeper” OR the skip of the team who is delivering their rock to sweep behind the tee-line. These changes were sent out in draft mode late last week, and drawmasters with draws after that point were asked to let their teams know.  We now have the official wording:


  • Delivery to tee-line – There will be one designated active sweeper for each rock from delivery to the far tee-line. This sweeper may sweep the delivered rock or any rock from their team set into motion (as per the Rules of Play). No relaying (second sweeper taking over partway down the sheet). 
  • Beyond tee-line – Starting at the far tee-line, either the active sweeper, the skip/vice-skip (the person in control of the house) may sweep the delivered rock or any rock set into motion that has passed the tee-line (as per the Rules of Play). Note: If the skip or vice-skip takes over, the designated active sweeper must stop sweeping at the tee-line and leave the house.
  • The skip of the non-delivering team must remain in the hack area until all stones come to a rest. They are not allowed to sweep the opposition stone behind the tee-line.

One revision that was discussed at our Orientation Sessions is being able to use the scoreboard (originally they had proposed using other methods for scoring).

Also in the revised guidelines is clarification on selecting stones for Mixed Doubles and Stick Curling.

Here is the full release from Curl PEI:

Curl PEI, with continuing input from the Province of PEI and from curlers and curling facilities, has revised its Operational Plan outlining how curling is to be played in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions.  The changes are outlined in green in the attached Plan and include:

  • Guidance on sweeping.
  • Clarification on selecting stones for Mixed Doubles and Stick Curling.
  • Guidance on the use of scoreboard numbers.

Check with your curling facility’s Return to Play committee for information as to how they are specifically adapting this plan to their individual situation.

Click to download the Operational Plan for viewing/printing.


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