Wednesday Evening Ladder League Round One starts this evening!


Following Qualifier Night, the A and B pools have now been determined for the first round of the Wednesday Evening Ladder League, brought to you by Charlottetown Bottle and Metal (A Pool), along with Sam’s Cornwall Restaurant (B Pool). There are just enough weeks for three, seven-week rounds.

Here are the 8 teams for the A Pool for Round One, as determined on Qualifier Night (order selected at random):

  1. Younker
  2. Groves
  3. Neima
  4. MacDougall
  5. MacDonald
  6. McInnis
  7. Snow
  8. Quilty

Here are the 8 rinks for the B Pool for Round One (order selected at random)

  1. Joostema
  2. Kamphuis
  3. Watts
  4. Jack
  5. Callaghan
  6. Firefighters
  7. Gallant
  8. Robertson

The “B” Pool will have the early (6:30 pm) draw for Week One, as they played late the last evening of the 3rd, shortened round last season.

At the end of each round, the bottom three teams from the A pool and the top three teams from the B pool will change pools.

We will use the same Curling Canada-approved draw we have been using in recent years as it seems to have a good sheet allocation.

Here is the draw and schedule for round one:

Nov 4 (Week 1):
6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1: B4-Jack vs B7-Gallant
Ice 2: B6-Firefighters vs B3-Watts
Ice 3: B8-Robertson vs B1-Joostema
Ice 4: B2-Kamphuis vs B5-Callaghan
8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A4-MacDougall vs A7-Snow
Ice 2: A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom) vs A3-Neima
Ice 3: A8-Quilty vs A1-Younker
Ice 4: A2-Groves vs A5-MacDonald

Nov 11 (Week 2):

6:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom) vs A1-Younker
Ice 2:  A4-MacDougall vs A5-MacDonald
Ice 3: A2-Groves vs A7-Snow
Ice 4: A8-Quilty vs A3-Neima
8:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B6-Firefighters vs B1-Joostema
Ice 2:  B4-Jack  vs B5-Callaghan
Ice 3: B2-Kamphuis vs B7-Gallant
Ice 4: B8-Robertson vs B3-Watts

Nov. 18 (Week 3):

6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B2-Kamphuis  vs B8-Robertson 
Ice 2:  B7-Gallant vs B1-Joostema
Ice 3:  B5-Callaghan vs B3-Watts
Ice 4: B4-Jack vs B6-Firefighters
8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A2-Groves vs A8-Quilty
Ice 2:  A7-Snow vs A1-Younker
Ice 3:  A5-MacDonald vs A3-Neima
Ice 4: A4-MacDougall vs A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom)

Nov. 25: (Week 4):
6:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A1-Younker vs A3-Neima
Ice 2:  A2-Groves vs A4-MacDougall
Ice 3:  A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom) vs A8-Quilty
Ice 4:  A5-MacDonald vs A7-Snow
8:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1: B1-Joostema vs B3-Watts
Ice 2:  B2-Kamphuis  vs B4-Jack 
Ice 3:  B6-Firefighters vs B8-Robertson 
Ice 4:  B5-Callaghan vs B7-Gallant

Dec 2 (Week 5):

6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1: B8-Robertson vs B4-Jack 
Ice 2:  B3-Watts vs B7-Gallant
Ice 3:  B1-Joostema vs B5-Callaghan
Ice 4:  B6-Firefighters vs B2-Kamphuis 
8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A8-Quilty vs A4-MacDougall
Ice 2:  A3-Neima vs A7-Snow
Ice 3:  A1-Younker vs A5-MacDonald
Ice 4:  A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom) vs A2-Groves

Dec. 9 (Week 6):

6:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A3-Neima vs A2-Groves
Ice 2:  A5-MacDonald vs A8-Quilty
Ice 3:  A7-Snow vs A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom)
Ice 4:  A1-Younker vs A4-MacDougall
8:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1: B3-Watts vs B2-Kamphuis 
Ice 2:  B5-Callaghan vs B8-Robertson 
Ice 3:  B7-Gallant vs B6-Firefighters
Ice 4:  B1-Joostema vs B4-Jack 

Dec 16 (Week 7):

6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B5-Callaghan vs B6-Firefighters
Ice 2:  B1-Joostema vs B2-Kamphuis 
Ice 3:  B3-Watts vs B4-Jack 
Ice 4:  B7-Gallant vs B8-Robertson 
8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A5-MacDonald vs A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom)
Ice 2:  A1-Younker vs A2-Groves
Ice 3:  A3-Neima vs A4-MacDougall
Ice 4:  A7-Snow vs A8-Quilty

Team Rosters

(Players can play any position and can change from week to week)

4th 3rd 2nd 1st
Hank Kamphuis Gerald Dykerman Pat MacInnis Sandra Sobey
Paul Neima Alan Mason Jeff Hannam Randy Goodman
Rob Gallant Hans Wicki Derek Gallant Derek MacEwen
David Younker Doug Campbell Gary O’Sullivan Rebecca Rolfe
Greg Robertson Kim Pippy Jeff Arsenault Laura Arsenault
Joe Callaghan David Fullerton Kellie-Lynn Younker John White
Mark MacDonald Nelson Duguay Geoff Boyle Roger Richard
Gregory Groves Donald Weeks Ken Monaghan Marjorie Matthews
Kelly Watts Cathy Handren Paula Ling Rick Doiron
Clara Jack Beth Walsh Grace Bulger Aurora Ulvstal
Josh McInnis
(Team Legion of Broom)
Robert Deziel Jesse Kennedy Mitch Dunphy
Chris MacDougall Darren MacKinnon Sharon Campbell Lacey Gallant
Peter Joostema (Team HJWZ) Bob Wakelin George Zafiris Stephen Hickey
Aleya Quilty Tyler MacKenzie Eddy Bushev Alyssa Holliday
Brayden Snow Jack MacFadyen Liam Barbrick Davis Nicholson
Alan Brown
Will Callbeck Mike MacRae Winston Bryan

Here is a screenprint of the scoresheet that will be on the Draws table.
Each week you will mark the score for your team (the other team will record theirs) and a W for a Win, L for Loss or LD for a Loss by default. Scores are only used if teams are tied on head to head results.

Derek MacEwen, Wednesday evening drawmaster


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