A Letter to The Families of Junior, Novice, & Little Rocker curlers

The Daytime Curlers Executive Committee of the Cornwall Curling Club has, as it did last year, generously donated a sum of money to be used to support the family (or families) of a Junior curler or curlers with fees, travel expenses, and/or needs relating to curling. There is a limited amount of money in this fund that will support expenses to a maximum of $150.00 total. We also encourage any families who are in need to access programs such as KidSport and Jump Start. You can apply for these funds simply by speaking with our Club Manager, in confidence, and sharing your child’s current needs. We know some families have been especially affected because of the current pandemic and we are aware of this as a community and are willing to help those who may need it.

Daytime Committee Member Elaine Hughes , Committee Secretary Janette Fraser , and Committee Chair Paul Durant

Lori can be reached in person at the club, or at cornwallcurling@eastlink.ca, or 902-566-4427. We ask that you extend interest by 5pm Thursday, December 19th, 2019. The family (or families) who are selected will be kept entirely in confidence with the Club Manager. A brief report, not including names or detailed specifics, will be provided to the daytime committee.

Our entire membership extends our gratitude to the Daytime Executive Committee, and the Daytime Curlers they represent, for this generous donation to a family here at the Cornwall Curling Club.

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