Can you spare? Sign up at the Club if you can!

Hey There Curlers …
There will be signup papers on each of the tables in the clubhouse (beginning tonight) and they will stay there for the week…
If you are interested in sparing:
Please add your name and phone number and “X off” which evenings you would be willing to spare!
After one week, we will make one master list and post it on the information tables.
You can then either take a photo of the list and add it to your phone, or contact the club and we can email you a photo !!
Our spares policy: Club members can spare in any draw at no cost to them. Non-members may spare too but are required to pay the standard Drop-In fee. Skips are responsible to ensure that the fee is paid.
Happy Curling!!

#KeepCurling? #SignUptoSpare?

Post last modified: Nov 11, 2020 @ 4:49 pm

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