“New normal” now more like the “old normal”: benches replaced with tables/chairs, revised sign-in and icehouse access procedures

You will see an experimental “new look” the next time that you enter the Club.

Benches replaced by tables and chairs

 One of our members asked if it was possible to put tables in the area just inside the entrance instead of benches and have much the same functionality as the other side of the Lounge area.

Changing benches replaced by tables and chairs on the Office side.
Photo from the Masters Plus — actual draw configuration may vary

 We drew a diagram, measured, shuffled some furniture around, measured again, looked it over and said “yes, this could work! ” It’s a lot more welcoming than just the benches and gives us a little bit of that familiar look that we are used to in the Club. Curlers using the redesigned area will have a chair to hang their coats and jackets, and to sit and change their shoes, just like the fireplace side. 

changes

The Sign-in area will move to the front of the office for ALL who enter the building, and the traffic flow will change as follows:

Icehouse access changes

Curlers changing on the Fireplace side (normally the early draw for evening curlers) will proceed across the front of the bar once they sign in, change on the fireplace side, and enter and exit the ice through the Sheet 1 door.

Curlers changing on the Office side (normally the late draw for evening curlers) will sign in, directly enter and change in the Office-side area, and enter and exit the ice through the Sheet 4 door. 

We will give it a try and see how it works out.

 Cornwall Curling Club Board of Directors and Return to Play Committee

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