Post-draw sweeping and mopping the ice – a note from our head Ice Technician

The boards are gone but the sweeping and mopping continue.

(This applies to all draws each day except the last one. Traditionally, the team that finishes second on each sheet is responsible to sweep and mop their sheet.)

Photo: Brent, checking how the ice is running!

When sweeping and dry-mopping the ice after your game one person should take the broom to the other end to clean around the hacks and the end boards. That is where a lot of the debris collects. They should also put on the hack cover (piece of carpet) after cleaning the hacks so that the person pebbling doesn’t have to do it (it’s hard to do when wearing that backpack full of water!). 

If you were on sheet one or four you should run the broom down the edge of the boards on the outside as well.

Another person should then mop the sheet, and the broom and dustpan should then be used back at the clubhouse end to clean the mop and put the debris into the trash. Pro tip: do this to the side, and not directly in front of the hack!

Thanks for everyone’s cooperation!

Brent Irving



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