Pepsi U16 Dev’t League: Update, Results to-date, Rosters, Photos

“I got one right on the button today!” ?
This is Grace and she is one of our youngest curlers in our Saturday Pepsi Junior Development League…
Underneath that mask Grace was beaming, and we are too! ??
We are so proud of Grace and all of the junior curlers in this league… they are having fun and mentoring each other, and making some great shots!
Today was the second week of our Junior Development League play, and these young athletes catch on quick on how to #playsafe! They were all masks while warming up, and some really great social distancing on ice!
Coaches were also masked up, and each curler was allowed one parent~ all of whom wore masks and stayed in a separate area!
We are just busy over here at the Cornwall Curling Club #growingthegame SAFELY…with support from dedicated parents (they are the best!), coaches and volunteers (we can’t thank them enough), and young curlers who are taking a break from the all of stressors of these recent days and getting some recreation time!?????


Here are the results to-date from our Saturday Morning Pepsi Under 16 Developmental League.
(Swipe to scroll on small screens)

  Dalton Easter Durling Carver Lenentine Pickard Shaw Noonan/
October 31


W L L W W L W L Bye
November 28


W L Bye W W W L L L
December 19


January 2


January 30


February 6


March 13


March 20



No end shall start after 1 hour and 50 minutes from the start of play

Tied games will play an extra end if the game is tied after 8 ends, or time has expired

Tied records at the end of the season will be broken via head-to-head; margin of victory will not be considered

Coaches have unlimited access to the ice, but may only communicate with their team while the opponent has control of the house

Here are the team rosters:

        Saturday Development League  Roster and Contact List



     Isaiah Dalton
        Connor Bruce
    Sheamus Herlihy
       Nate MacRae

           AJ Campbell




      Madalyn Easter
           Reid Hart
       Kenna Warnell


          Brooke Lewis

           Kent Easter




      Brooklyn Durling
           Sophie Gallant
        Veronica Pater
    Koby Lynn Gallant

          Amy Duncan


                 Team Carver
          Sydney Carver
          Katie MacLean
       Michaela MacLean
          Georgia Hughes

Larry Richards





         Ella Lenentine
           Erika Pater
         Kacey Gauthier
       Molly-Anne Shaw

           Pat Quilty




        Griffin Pickard
          Grace Myers
           Ben Kirby
Greta Edgett Gallant

             Earl Pickard



                 N. Shaw

         Nate  Shaw
        Brody Quinn
          Sean Peric
      Hannah Hogan

         Kyle MacDonald




         Makiya Noonan
        Amy Beaulieu
         Mallory Rochford
         Kathryn Wile

          Amanda Colter



         Nate Young
         Ethan Peters-Ellis
            Sean Peric
            Keiran Kelly

             Jamie  Newson



Here are some photos from today (Click to enlarge)




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