Wednesday Ladder League Revised Update

As has been announced, there is no team curling permitted on PEI until December 21st due to the PEI government’s “Circuit Breaker” directive. This means that the Wednesday Evening Ladder League will not be playing on December 9 and 16, but should be resuming on December 23. As well, we are now being given an extra night, Dec. 30.

Assuming no further “Circuit Breaker” restrictions, we will now be running Week 6 of Draw One on December 23 and Week 7 of Draw One on December 30, and will resume with Round 2 on January 6th. That will give us 13 weeks to run rounds 2 and 3, meaning that one of the remaining rounds will be short one week.

Here is the remainder of  Round One:


6:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A3-Neima vs A2-Groves
Ice 2:  A5-MacDonald vs A8-Quilty
Ice 3:  A7-Snow vs A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom)
Ice 4:  A1-Younker vs A4-MacDougall

8:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1: B3-Watts vs B2-Kamphuis 
Ice 2:  B5-Callaghan vs B8-Robertson 
Ice 3:  B7-Gallant vs B6-Firefighters
Ice 4:  B1-Joostema vs B4-Jack 


6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B5-Callaghan vs B6-Firefighters
Ice 2:  B1-Joostema vs B2-Kamphuis 
Ice 3:  B3-Watts vs B4-Jack 
Ice 4:  B7-Gallant vs B8-Robertson 

8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A5-MacDonald vs A6-McInnis (Legion of Broom)
Ice 2:  A1-Younker vs A2-Groves
Ice 3:  A3-Neima vs A4-MacDougall
Ice 4:  A7-Snow vs A8-Quilty

Thank you for your patience in these unique times!

 – Derek MacEwen, Ladder League drawmaster.

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