Friday Draw set for 2nd annual Cornwall Cup Stick Tourney

The second annual Cornwall Cup Stick Curling Tournament takes place Friday January 8 and Saturday, January 9th here at the Cornwall Curling Club, with a full draw of 16 teams taking part in grouped round-robin play on Friday, and the top two teams from each of the four groups advancing to the Saturday playoff round. Here is the Friday draw:

  Draw for  2nd Annual Cornwall Cup 
Sheet # 1 Sheet # 2 Sheet # 3 Sheet # 4
  9 am  
Sawatsky &  K. Sanderson & Singleton & Reid & 
Allen P. Sanderson Yamamoto Hughes
v v v v
Dunsford & Dimitroff & Stavert & S. Higginbotham &
M. Sanderson Blue Clarey B. Higginbotham
  10 am  
Gill & B. Craswell & B. Field & J. MacDonald &
Campbell P. Field M. Craswell O’Rourke
v v v v
Blackett & G. MacDonald & MacPhee & Renaud &
Marzari Stewart Acorn Messett
      11 am  
Dimitroff & Dunsford & K. Sanderson & Singleton &
Blue M. Sanderson P. Sanderson Yamamoto
v v v v
S. Higginbotham & Stavert & Reid &  Sawatsky & 
B. Higginbotham Clarey Hughes Allen
  LUNCH (PIzza): 12 noon  
  1 pm  
G. MacDonald & Blackett & B. Craswell & B. Field &
Stewart Marzari P. Field M. Craswell
v v v v
Renaud & MacPhee & J. MacDonald & Gill &
Messett Acorn O’Rourke Campbell
      2 pm  
Dimitroff & Dunsford & Stavert & K. Sanderson &
Blue M. Sanderson Clarey P. Sanderson
v v v v
Reid &  Singleton & Sawatsky &  S. Higginbotham &
Hughes Yamamoto Allen B. Higginbotham
  3 pm  
G. MacDonald & Blackett & MacPhee & B. Craswell &
Stewart Marzari Acorn P. Field
v v v v
J. MacDonald & B. Field & Gill & Renaud &
O’Rourke M. Craswell Campbell Messett

Here are the team rosters and other information:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Chuck Sawatsky / Kevin Sanderson / Joe Gill / Doug  Barry Craswell /
Bill Allen Patsy Sanderson Campbell Paul Field
John Dunsford / Carl Dimitroff / Pat Blackett /  Gordie MacDonald /
Myrna Sanderson Alvin Blue. Italo Marzari Floyd Stewart
Glen Singleton /  Etta Reid /  Bernie Field / John MacDonald / 
Shoji Yamamoto Elaine Hughes Myrna Craswell Tom O’Rourke
Ruth Stavert /  S. Higginbotham /  Mary MacPhee/  Rick Renaud /
Alva Clarey B. Higginbotham Valerie Acorn Randy Messett
Top two teams from each group advance to play-offs on Saturday.
Each team plays teams within their group. (3 Games)  
2 Points for each end. 6 Points for each win. Maximum 3 points difference.
Standings based on (1) Number of wins. (2) Total points. (3) Head-to Head.
** First round – hammer decided by coin toss. **  
Prize Money: Outright Winners. –  $100 each player.   
Runners Up. – $50 each player.  
Losing Semi-Finalists  – $25 each player.  
Lunch (pizza) will be served on Friday.  


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