Some mid-season reminders from our Return to Play chair

As we enter into the second half of our curling season, this is a reminder that we need to continue to focus our attention on our Return to Play requirements.
When on the ice, stay on the designated side of the sheet when you are not the delivering team. Sheet 1 and Sheet 4 stay on the wall side of your Sheet. Sheet 2 stay on the side closest to Sheet 1. Sheet 3 stay on the side closest to Sheet 2. This will help to maintain Physical Distance from other teams while on the ice. The markers are in the ice just outside of the hog lines, and those markers are where the members of the non-delivering team are expected to stand. Always strive to maintain a broom’s length distance from each other while on the ice.  “IF IT IS NOT YOUR SHOT, GET ON YOUR SPOT!”
Sweeping rules have not changed: 1 sweeper per delivered rock (no tag team sweeping) and they are able to continue to sweep behind the T-Line. The Skip of the delivering team may take over behind the T-line only.
No teams shall enter the ice house until all teams from the previous draw have completed play and ice preparation has been completed for their draw.
Good Curling!
Peter Murdoch
Return to Play Chair
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