Updated Mask Usage Policy

Cornwall Curling Club Mask Usage Policy

Current Chief Public Health Office guidelines require that individuals wear a facial covering/non-medical mask in all indoor public spaces on Prince Edward Island. Proper wearing of a facial covering/non-medical mask (covering both the mouth and nose) in the community can be an additional measure you can take to protect others around you, even if you have no symptoms of COVID-19.

These facial covering/non-medical masking guidelines set a minimum standard for businesses in PEI. The Cornwall Curling Club has chosen to exceed the minimum standards in this regard in order to ensure the continued Health and Safety of our membership.

These guidelines apply to all sports and recreation facilities, except during periods of Physical Activity. The Cornwall Curling Club in this circumstance defines Physical Activity as actively engaged in the playing of the game of curling only. Performance of warm-up activities is not included in our definition of Physical Activity. Facial coverings/non-medical masks must be worn at all times in the Club House area, including between practices and games. The only exception for wearing of a facial covering/non-medical mask is if you are seated at a table while eating or drinking.

We ask for your continued support and compliance in this matter.

Cornwall Curling Club

Return to Play Committee

19 January 2021

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