Prime Saturday ice times for rent!


From now until Easter we have prime time curling ice available most Saturdays for any group size up to 32!

Curling is a great way for family and friends to get together for fun & exercise!
It’s also a great “team builder” for businesses and companies.

Our facility is wheelchair accessible right down to ice level.

Pricing is similar to (and perhaps a little cheaper than) bowling. A group of 16 friends, family, or co-workers can rent two sheets for two hours (an eight end game, or a 6-end game with half an hour of practice) for $12.22 per person, taxes in!

We have a fully-stocked bar, and curling brooms and sliders are available for use. You will need to bring clean sneakers, and wear stretchy pants and a light jacket.

Pricing (call for other variations):

One sheet for two hours: $95.00+HST (Please note that we will only do one-sheet bookings if we have another sheet rented by another party or it’s a spare sheet during a regular draw)
Two sheets for two hours: $170.00+HST
Four sheets for two hours: $285.00+HST
Four sheets for four hours $320.00+HST
Four sheets for 8 hours $550.00+HST
For rental groups over 5 people, we require a $10 flat fee to cover the entire group’s rental fee for any equipment rental. That would equate to $2.00 or less (depending on your party size), per person.
Due to current PEI government restrictions, we can’t book groups larger than 32 (8 per sheet, 4 sheets).

Interested? Get in touch with the Club Manager Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm at (902) 566-4427 or email


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