Teams, draw (revised) set for ParaSport and Recreation PEI Mini-Spiel on Sat. Feb 27

Here are the Team Rosters and Schedule (revised) for the ParaSport and Recreation PEI Mini-Spiel on Sat. Feb 27. The event, limited to 32 participants, is full, but we have a spare sign-up list in the Club that you can sign up for, and we will call you if someone cannot make it.

Curlers are invited to arrive at the Club anytime after 10 am. We will be offering coffee/pastry service before the draw.

A registration table will be set up upon entry and the cost will be $10.00 per participant.

This includes two draw times/games, and a catered pizza lunch! Although there will be (fun) prizes supplied by ParaSport and Recreation PEI, the focus will be on the FUNspiel experience!
A special thank you to Landon Warder for putting together the draw and to Landon and also Gary O’Sullivan for their support of the Parasport PEI Learn to Curl program and this mini-spiel event!

Team Rosters (revised Feb. 24)

Lead Second Vice Skip
Stella Walsh Pat Blackett Bryan Sutherland Karen Currie
Frank Larkin Italo Marzari Anne Boswall Shirley Berry
Allan Stanley Amanda McIntosh Donald Weeks Mark MacDonald
Danny Hennessey Helen Smith Carlene Peters Danny Kneabone
Doug Hyde Joanne Durant Roy Coffin Paul Durant
Matthew Green Jean Anderson Chris MacDougall Brent Irving
Nick MacIntyre Sharon Campbell Kimball Blanchard Angela Sanderson
Jennifer Keenan Etta Reid   Marg Stewart Bill Bishop


Draw and Schedule
(revised Feb. 24)

Saturday, February 27

  Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4
11:00 am Currie vs Berry O’Rourke vs Kneabone Durant vs Irving Bishop vs Sanderson
1:30 pm O’Rourke vs Sanderson Durant vs Berry Bishop vs Kneabone Currie vs Irving





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