Wed. Ladder League Final Round starts tonight

The second of three rounds, sponsored by Wendy’s and Belvedere Golf Club, wrapped up last week in the Wednesday Evening Ladder League, with the first round’s “B” Pool winners the Greg Robertson rink moving up the ladder and capturing the “A” Pool with five wins, the last of which was as the result of an exciting draw to the button tiebreaker (they hit the button!) against the Legion of Broom squad, captained by Josh McInnis.

Jeff Arsenault, Laura Arsenault, Kim Pippy,  Greg Robertson

Meanwhile, the Firefighters team, bolstered by two new players late in the first round, were “on fire” in the “B” pool, winning ALL SEVEN  of their games, and moving up the ladder to the “A” pool for the final round, which will now be a full round of seven weeks thanks to a recently-announced season extension.

(L-R): Colin MacKenzie, Will Callbeck, Shauna McGill. Missing: Mike MacRae

Four teams, skipped by Aleya Quilty, Mark MacDonald, Brayden Snow and Joe Callaghan had four wins and are also safe in the A pool, with the Paul Neima rink with 3 wins, the Josh McInnis foursome with two, and the Clara Jack squad with one, dropping down to the “B” Pool.

Moving on up to the A Pool, besides the Firefighters, will be the team skipped by President Chris MacDougall, with five wins, and the Rob Gallant rink, with four.

Here are the teams for Round Three, with the “A” Pool sponsored by Clow’s Red and White and the “B” Pool sponsored by New Glasgow Lobster Suppers:

A Pool B Pool
A1-Robertson B1-Neima
A2-Quilty B2-McInnis
A3-Snow B3-Jack
A4-MacDonald B4-Groves
A5-Callaghan B5-Kamphuis
A6-Firefighters B6-Younker
A7-MacDougall B7-Watts
A8-Gallant B8-Joostema


Here are the draw and schedule for round three:

February 24 (Week 1):
6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1: B4-Groves vs B7-Watts
Ice 2: B6-Younker vs B3-Jack
Ice 3: B8-Joostema vs B1-Neima
Ice 4: B2-McInnis vs B5-Kamphuis

8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1: A4-MacDonald vs A7-MacDougall
Ice 2: A6-Firefighters vs A3-Snow
Ice 3: A8-Gallant vs A1-Robertson
Ice 4: A2-Quilty vs A5-Callaghan

March 3 (Week 2):
6:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A6-Firefighters vs A1-Robertson
Ice 2:  A4-MacDonald vs A5-Callaghan
Ice 3: A2-Quilty vs A7-MacDougall
Ice 4: A8-Gallant vs A3-Snow

8:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B6-Younker vs B1-Neima
Ice 2:  B4-Groves  vs B5-Kamphuis
Ice 3:  B2-McInnis vs B7-Watts
Ice 4: B8-Joostema vs B3-Jack

March 10 (Week 3):
6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B2-McInnis  vs B8-Joostema 
Ice 2:  B7-Watts vs B1-Neima
Ice 3:  B5-Kamphuis vs B3-Jack
Ice 4: B4-Groves vs B6-Younker

8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A2-Quilty vs A8-Gallant
Ice 2:  A7-MacDougall vs A1-Robertson
Ice 3:  A5-Callaghan vs A3-Snow
Ice 4: A4-MacDonald vs A6-Firefighters

March 17: (Week 4):
6:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A1-Robertson vs A3-Snow
Ice 2:  A2-Quilty vs A4-MacDonald
Ice 3:  A6-Firefighters vs A8-Gallant
Ice 4:  A5-Callaghan vs A7-MacDougall

8:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B1-Neima vs B3-Jack
Ice 2:  B2-McInnis  vs B4-Groves 
Ice 3:  B6-Younker vs B8-Joostema 
Ice 4:  B5-Kamphuis vs B7-Watts

March 24 (Week 5):
6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B8-Joostema vs B4-Groves 
Ice 2:  B3-Jack vs B7-Watts
Ice 3:  B1-Neima vs B5-Kamphuis
Ice 4:  B6-Younker vs B2-McInnis 

8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A8-Gallant vs A4-MacDonald
Ice 2:  A3-Snow vs A7-MacDougall
Ice 3:  A1-Robertson vs A5-Callaghan
Ice 4:  A6-Firefighters vs A2-Quilty

March 31 (Week 6):

6:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A3-Snow vs A2-Quilty
Ice 2:  A5-Callaghan vs A8-Gallant
Ice 3:  A7-MacDougall vs A6-Firefighters
Ice 4:  A1-Robertson vs A4-MacDonald

8:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B3-Jack vs B2-McInnis 
Ice 2:  B5-Kamphuis vs B8-Joostema 
Ice 3:  B7-Watts vs B6-Younker
Ice 4:  B1-Neima vs B4-Groves 

April 7 (Week 7)

6:30 pm (B Pool)
Ice 1:  B5-Kamphuis vs B6-Younker
Ice 2:  B1-Neima vs B2-McInnis 
Ice 3:  B3-Jack vs B4-Groves 
Ice 4:  B7-Watts vs B8-Joostema

8:30 pm (A Pool)
Ice 1:  A5-Callaghan vs A6-Firefighters
Ice 2:  A1-Robertson vs A2-Quilty
Ice 3:  A3-Snow vs A4-MacDonald
Ice 4:  A7-MacDougall vs A8-Gallant

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