Cornwall Curling Club proud of Team Birt!

Our hearts might be breaking tonight, as our own Team Birt will not advance to the next round of the 2021 Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and we know that their hearts are breaking too…

We have witnessed the relentless commitment and quiet sacrifices these talented athletes have made over the last six months.

It was no small thing.

And this ending to the #stoh2021 is nothing more than a tough week.

But, for us, nothing has changed from the day they stepped onto the ice in Calgary~ that is….how proud we are of Suzanne, Marie, Meaghan, and Michelle, along with Kathy and Mitch.

Our pride is soundly grounded in what we saw from this group of athletes in pursuit of their dreams…

Little ones packed to the arena with big beautiful smiles as Mommy practiced, the schedules (and support) of partners who they know are offering all that they can to the dreams of their curlers, busy careers, financial sacrifice, not being able to be together and play in tournaments … and all the unique challenges of this unusual year in history.

The demands and the pressures.
It is so much more than what we have watched on screen~much more than any beautiful draw or any missed shot.

So many moving parts.
So much hope lived in the heart of these curlers. A goal… to bring home a Scotties title to the honour of their home province. ?

But here is the thing: we are so super proud, and we feel fully confident that these athletes will be back.
Stronger than ever.

We still believe! ??
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