Congrats to the MacFadyen siblings!

When an athlete or athletes represent their home province at any event with heart and pride~  they have held the provincial title in honour….

And so with that, the brother and sister duo of Alex and Lauren MacFadyen have done their job well in Calgary during the 2021 Home Hardware Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championships! They have played with much heart and determination~ and, as such, have represented their home province with such pride!

Alex and Lauren, who are the niece and nephew of our very own Club Members Joanne and Paul Durant, are athletes who curl out of the  Silver Fox Curling Club! And we join all of our friends at Silver Fox, and across the Province,  in extending a big thank you to Alex and Lauren for taking a break from their work and family lives to represent PEI!

We know that Alex and Lauren’s Mom and Dad, Susan and David MacFadyen, are super proud … and we are too!

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