Sanitizing helps keep our Club and our Community safe!

That is the approximate number of sanitizing wipes our club goes through every day.

After every user group, all chairs, tables, doorknobs, bathroom taps, and all high-touch points are sanitized. That process is done approximately every two hours.

We sanitize rocks and scoreboards…..and sanitize our hands.

We want to thank our members and user groups for being so cooperative and mindful of our proactive practices to keep our club and community safe…by continuing to sanitize their hands, rocks, scoreboards. We also want to remind everyone to continue to work hard to honour these routines… every day.
It is required of you.

We are very thankful to Beaton’s Wholesale for offering important products as a part of their business inventory that our communities need … and that we need here at 29 Cornwall Road…to keep our Club clean and sanitized … along with keeping our hands germ free!

You can visit Beatons Wholesale here:

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