Team Schut and Coach Quilty: Commitment in a challenging year!

They have been there for well over an hour now.

It’s three weeks before the end of the curling season. No events or tournaments in sight.
Soon there will be no ice.

There have been so few opportunities to have played and to have learned from…
And yet…
Here they are.
Team Schut.
Coach Pat Quilty.

Studying past games and practice sessions, discussing strategy, reviewing each detail.

That is such heart.

We are so very proud of these young men…who despite having a year of limited tournament play, are acting the same on day 152 of the season, as they would on day 1.

So proud of this coach. This coach who after all these years still spends 5-6 days a week at the club…. teaching our adoring juniors how to play to their best ability…and to love and give back to the game as he does.
The session he is facilitating today is not only filled with strategy and technical feedback.
He asks questions so genuinely …
Important questions…
“Were you nervous at that moment?”
“How did you feel when that happened?”

This is the epitome of the sporting community. Of committed athletes who have fought heart and soul to avoid the restlessness that a challenging year could have easily permitted ….and a caring and invested coach who fought alongside them… saying that this year will not take us.
We will remain driven and focused.

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