Blue grabs early lead as Little Rockers/Novice curlers kick off our annual Red vs. Blue competition!

Whoa! Whoa! Gramps! 

Hurry Hard Mommy!

A great time was had here at 29 Cornwall Road this past Tuesday as the first session of the Red and Blue year-end Club event for the Little Rockers and Novice curlers took place…
and a great time was had by all!!

Parents and/or caregivers joined their Little Rocker or Novice curlers for some super FUN games.!!

The Blue team accumulated 11 points and the red team accumulated 7!! 
A total of 21 curlers (includes curlers and their parent/caregiver) participated and had TONS of FUN!!

While they were only able to get three ends of curling in…it was charming to see parents and caregivers on the ice together with their curlers…and the Little Rockers and Novice curlers were so proud!!

The Little Rockers and Novice will have one more Red and Blue session on April 6th with a different group of curlers (and their parents and caregivers…21 in total)…. and their points will added to the total!

In the photos, you will see parents/caregivers with their little ones … and so because they are family we were able to safely take their photos and see their smiles!

Up next: we will have 25 Juniors participate in two eight end games …!
Stay tuned to see if Red can make up some ground!!!

Photo Album – click to enlarge, use arrows or swipe to go ahead/back:

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