Get a grip on safety — replace your gripper annually at our Pro Shop!

This gripper was found by our Ice Technician in the ice shed this morning, as it was left last night.
It is obviously an example of a gripper that should NOT be used on the ice.

The most important reason is that it has lost its tread a very long time ago and does not provide any grip. This is not safe.

The other reason is that when grippers began to deteriorate they will leave bits of black rubber on the ice. This can be dangerous to curlers, affect the movement of the rocks, cause a stone to pick, and can compromise the integrity of the ice (as it becomes embedded into the ice).

New grippers should be purchased every year.
Please make sure you look out for your safety and your Ice by purchasing a new gripper!

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Post last modified: Apr 8, 2021 @ 2:17 pm

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