Cornwall Daytime Curlers fight it out in the “Battle of the Sexes”!

Well, what a day!!!
The women and the men fought it out during our ‘Battle of the Sexes’ event today here at the club…and there was way too much fun happening!!

Plenty of smiles, hollers, boooos, and an abundance of quick wit took place while throwing curling shots and between games!


A big thank you to Margaret Stewart for reviving this really exciting event so every curler could have a great time today! Thank you Margaret for picking up goodies from a local business to serve, and helping in the kitchen. (Thank you for a bigger psychology counselling session bill for KB …and now LF!)

And while we missed a photo of our Daytime Committee Chair Paul Durant, he was also instrumental in leading this fantastic event! Paul is always involved in so many parts of our operation and we are grateful for his volunteerism and leadership! And apparently, this talented man can curl …and takes no prisoners on the ice!

Margaret (back) and Joanne

Thank you to the lovely and witty Joanne Durant for helping serve our goodies that were purchased. To Al MacCormac for making sure that the winners had somewhere to buy the drinks, and to Brent Irving for taking good care of the ice for us!

There was no cost for participants for this event and the Daytime Committee generously provided a lovely spread of muffins, fruit, coffee and tea for everyone.

We did not get enough photos today as we were having …WAY…TOO…MUCH….FUN!

We have the most beautiful and heartwarming community here at 29 Cornwall Road ~ and we are so grateful to be able to safely participate in this awesome sport… with good friends by our side.

Our Manager is currently at home with hot water bottles and a glass of wine…. and she sends a genuine thank you to all for a heartwarming day~ especially to her awesome Skip and team! #newcurler

Watch out for this event next year… It will be bigger than ever no doubt!!

(Oh… and the men won. Barely.)

Here’s a photo gallery from today. Click a photo to enlarge, and use arrows or swipe to go ahead/back.

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