Red Team narrowly wins Daytime Div., Blues maintain overall lead into Fri. eve. at Red vs. Blue competitions!

Another fantastic year-end event here at the Cornwall Curling Club on Friday morning and afternoon as our Daytime Curlers competed in the ‘Daytime Division Red and Blue’ event!!

Going into Friday the Blue Team was leading the club-wide points race with 188,000 versus the Red Team who had 147,000 !!

There were some fantastic rivalries … and of course husbands and wives / partners in life were on different-coloured teams!!

So while Blue was leading the race going into Friday ~ the Red Team ended the day just winning the overall daytime points race and providing the first division win for the RED Team!!
Red Team : 106,000
Blue Team: 104,000

While the Red Team narrowed the gap the Blue Team was still leading the club-wide totals going into Friday Evening for the Your Independant Grocer Red and Blue event!!
Blue Team: 292,000
Red Team: 253,000

Our curlers on Friday enjoyed hot coffee, and some iconic cinnamon buns to start their day, and a delicious pizza lunch provided in partnership with Sam’s Family Restaurant & Pub!


This day was created and lead by our daytime members Kimball Blanchard who was so super organized and pivotal in hosting this incredible event! Thank you Kimball!!

Kimball thank all of the volunteers who helped with the day by serving coffee and giving our prizes and more!

We were greeted at the door on Friday morning by our good friend Bill who was unable to attend. Bill could not decided who to cheer for, and so wore red and blue!


While Daytime Committee Chair, Paul Durant, was not able to attend the event Friday (but shown in photos) the Daytime curlers expressed a big thank you to Paul who has lead our incredible daytime curling membership with much dedication, invested compassion, and most of all with a light-hearted but razor-sharp sense of humour!
Thank you Paul!!


Past President and former Daytime Committee Member Bryan Sutherland expressed thanks on behalf of the daytime members to the membership for their kind cooperation and support of the Club during this challenging but successful year. He also thanked all Daytime Committee members for the time they have spent in supporting the club, and reviewed all the ways the Daytime Committee helps our club and our community in their works.

Bryan thanked our Ice Technician , Brent, for his dedication and work in enabling us to have great ice this year to curl on!! Bryan also thanked our Club Manager for her time and commitment to the club during a very busy year, with many challenges relating to covid planning and measures.

So while the day was filled with lots of friendly competition and some really great curling, the reallly special part of our day … and our season… has been the community of curlers who arrive for our Daytime Drop-In League and our Wednesday League and shared laughter and sweet friendships during a year that tried to take our spirits. We prevailed and we have the sport curling and the warmth of club life and of community to extend much of our gratitude to!

Here’s our latest photo gallery. Click a pic to enlarge, use arrows or swipe to go ahead/back.

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