Thanks for making our Club the best place to be! Why not put your name forward as a Board Member?

A timely piece in the Globe and Mail, pointed out to us by Curling Canada‘s Danny Lamoureux …
The timing of this piece is a perfect reminder of how lucky we are to participate in this awesome sport!! Curling life is imperative to staying active, social, and providing support for our physical and mental health. 
As we move onto winding up a very successful 2020-21 season (during a global pandemic!), planning for our annual AGM (to take place on Thursday, May 27th), and begin planning for the 2021-22 season… we give thanks to all the people who contribute to the vitality of our club. 
So a genuine and heartfelt thank you to all of those who make our club the best place to be!!
Thank you to our Executive and Board of Directors who have lead our club during a tremendously challenging year (rock stars!) , those who have chaired and been a part of committees that are pivotal in our club’s success, those who donate prizes, those who serve coffee, buy cookies, put away furniture , help to teach ‘Learn to Curl’, those who help Junior Curlers, Little Rockers and Novice, who coach ParaSport, who organize acknowledgement of our teams who have had great success, those who provide positive support and a kind ear, those who organize and help with super fun bonspiels and really great tournaments, those advertisers and sponsors who believe in community, those from other clubs who help our club with advise and time, those who write stories and share great news and information, those who clean tirelessly to keep us safe, those who promote Curling, those partners who offer support of recreation in our communities, those who provide insight and history, those in offices so distant from ours who work hard to make and enact policy so we can #keepcurling , those who spend extra time when needed to, those team of people who take care of our ice and equipment, those who serve cocktails and concession, and yes…those who ….as noted in this article…. who create the league draws so we can curl!! #DrawMasterChallenges
And thank you to our entire membership~ thank you for showing up and being a sport, of doing your best, of helping new curlers learn this game, of being fun and witty, of supporting our Proshop, bar, and concession, thank you for great conversation and laughs around the tables after a game, thank you for making everyone feel welcomed and appreciated, thank you for ‘giving back’. 
Thank you for great shots, near misses, and broom taps…!!
With an upcoming election, and with some seats on our Board of Directors opening up, we ask that you consider putting your name forward to support your Club by serving on the Cornwall Curling Club’s Board of Directors for the 2021-22 season. 
Please contact Club President, Chris MacDougall, at to indicate your interest, or if you have any questions. 
We win…. as a team!! 
#CurlingClubLife #Community #PEI#VolunteerToday!
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