Curl PEI 2021/22 Events Calendar: Cornwall hosting Pepsi Juniors, Youth Jamboree. Residency Rule exception added

Here is the 2021/2022 Curl PEI Events Calendar with deadlines and entry fees.  An announcement will be made when online registration opens for the upcoming season.
Changes this season:

1)      Weekend events are now scheduled to end on Sundays.  Although the starting day is shown as Wednesday for many events, the actual starting date will be determined by the number of teams entered, the host facility and the format of the event.  

2)      The deadline for many events will be about 6 weeks prior to the event instead of the 3 weeks it has been in the past. 

3)      Curl PEI has approved the following rule effective this season:

All competitors must be affiliated with Curl PEI and adhere to Curling Canada’s residency eligibility rules with the following exception: for events in which free agents and birthright status curlers may be included on the roster, teams are only permitted to have up to half the players be non-residents (i.e. 2 players on a 4-person team, 1 player on a 2-person team).

Curling Canada recently announced all athletes and coaches above the age of 12 will have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in Curling Canada-affiliated events.  The full release can be found online:

Link to Events Calendar in PDF format:

For more info, please contact Amy Duncan, Executive Director, Curl PEI at 902-368-4208 or

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