Zacharias with Lenentine, Kim with coach Gallant both 3-0 in Saville Shoot-Out, face off at 1 pm, Gunnlaugson with Casey 2-2 in Oakville


Team Mackenzie Zacharias (Altona, MB), which includes PEI’s Lauren Lenentine, is currently 3-0 in the 16 team Alberta Curling Series: Saville Shoot-Out qualifying round at the Saville Sports Centre in Edmonton, AB. In their opening game, Zacharias defeated Elysa Crough (Edmonton, AB) 6-2, then won 7-4 against Selena Sturmey (Edmonton, AB) and 7-3 against Jessie Hunkin (North Battleford, SK). Their next match is at 1 pm Atlantic vs Korea’s Team Kim, coached by Islander Peter Gallant. Kim also sits at 3-0, winning 10-4 over Sturmay, 7-3 vs. Hunkin, and 6-2 against Crough. Team Zacharias is live-streaming their games on their Facebook page ( The quarter-finals go at 10 pm Atlantic, with the semis and final on Monday.

Meanwhile, Team Jason Gunnlaugson (Winnipeg, MB), which includes PEI’s Adam Casey at 3rd stone, is 2-2 in the 24 team Stu Sells Oakville Tankard qualifying round. In their opening game, Gunnlaugson lost 7-3 to Colton Flasch (Saskatoon, SK), then responded with a 6-1 win over Jeremy Harty (Calgary, AB) and won 7-4 against Karsten Sturmay (Edmonton, AB). Gunnlaugson went on to lose a 7-1 rematch vs. Flasch. Gunnlaugson is now in a “must win” match at 5:30 pm Atlantic on Sunday with the winner going to a 9:30 pm qualifier for the Monday championship round.

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