Request to Tues. and Wed. evening teams to make sure all players are registered

This is a request to our Tuesday and Wednesday evening team-entry leagues to ensure that all players have registered for their respective teams (if they haven’t done so already), as the Club has some planning and administration to do to get ready for opening week, and needs to ensure that all teams have their players in place. You can call the Club at (902) 566-4427 (our Manager will be on site until 8 pm Friday night) or register online. Please note that you can register without paying immediately, and pay at the Club later.

Registration link:

Don’t forget, you must be registered for both your membership/product and your league.

1. Purchase your membership profile:
You do this by selecting the “products” tab, and then selecting which membership you would like (ie “One Evening Draw Per Week”, “Unlimited Daytime/Nighttime” etc… and check out. (When getting to “information needed”: this is where you will let Curling I/O know who you are…
You can choose to pay online with a credit card by selecting “credit card” or select “cash/cheque” and this will allow you to pay at the Club.

2. Then you must go to the “leagues” tab and select the leagues (if more than one, you just go in an select each one at a time) ie “Tuesday Evening Competitive League” “Wednesday Ladder League” etc….and register.

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