Lockers Now Open ~ Limited Supply

Please note that our club lockers are now available for rental for the 2021-22 season.

The cost has been prorated from $30.00+hst for the season to $25.00+hst for the remainder of the season.

Please note that all returning members who had confirmed lockers in the last season of locker usage (2019-2020) have been given first opportunity to reserve their lockers. Moving forward for this year it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Don’t delay… call the club today to reserve!

On the note surrounding locker usage (since it’s been so long!) …some reminders of locker room etiquette:
1. Try not to linger: While it can be a great time to connect with friends, locker rooms can become congested quickly. Allow time to get your things and to change, and perhaps visit with friends in the clubhouse area.
2. Limited use of scented or spray products: some people have a sensitivity to scents and sprays, please use unscented products when possible and limit ( or use away from others) spray products.
3. Keep things in the locker room tidy: Please do not lay your items all across the floors and benches of the locker room. Be respectful of the space of others.
4. Do not keep perishable food or other items that may emit orders stored in your locker.

*Please note: Locker use is only for those who pay/purchase a locker. If a locker does not have a lock on it, it does not mean it is for use (without paying rental charges). If interested in a locker, please see the club attendant.

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