Finding spares: an important part of being on a team!

 As a part of being a team, all curlers should know and have the contacts information of their skip and other teammates, to be able to contact them if need be.

In the event a curler may not be able to attend a scheduled game, they should begin to source a spare as soon as possible, and ideally advise their Skip that they are doing so.

Here is the recommended procedure:

1. If the league has a draw with a “bye”, it is recommended that the curler who needs a spare contact those curlers who have the “bye“ first to see if they would like to spare.

2. Next, curlers should refer to the “spare list”. This list is posted on each league bulletin board. It is highly recommended that curlers take a photo of the spare list and keep it on their phone, and have it available if needed. You can also call the Club and we can text or email you a copy.

3. If the curler is unsuccessful in finding a spare, he/she should then contact their Skip to see if their Skip can source a spare.

4. If the Skip is unable to find a spare, then the curlers should contact the DrawMaster or the Club Manager to see if they can help source a spare.

On another note:
If a game is unable to proceed, due to any reason, your Skip MUST contact the Skip of the opposing team (and the Drawmaster or Club Manager) and advise them that your team will be unable to attend the game….with as much notice a possible.
(The opposing team can then use the sheets of ice to practice if they would like).

We ask that all teams are considerate of the fact that our members want to get the maximum value out of their memberships, and we ask that the team who is was unable to play against the other team work with that team and Club Manager to arrange a “make up game” if possible. The Club has ice available for this on Fridays from 4 pm-6 pm, Sundays from 6 pm-8 pm, or will attempt to accommodate other days to times for this reason.

Thank you in advance for doing your part to ensure that our favourite sport is enjoyed by all!

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